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As with many of us unrepentant scribblers, I've been writing since high school, which, for me, was in the Late Pleistocene. I've published here and there, mostly there, magazine articles, scientific papers in unreadable journals, an environmental newsletter from Alaska in the pre-Internet days (Yes, Virginia, once there was no Internet), discussion lists before blogs were hatched, Common Dreams, two books now self-published, several blogs (i.e. Hayduke Blogs)and uncountable newspaper articles in local and regional fish wrap.

Now I've retired from my part-time day job and I'm ready to write full time with no, well, fewer distractions.

I'm bringing an insanely complicated life to the task, ecompassing formative years on ranches in Nebraska, Earth First! organization and activism, life in a teepee on the Gros Ventre, living in a VW bus in the wilds of Wyoming, lurking through graduate school in a cabin in Alaska with no running water (other than what I carried, running, from spring to sink), the Exxon Valdez oil spill, multiple wives and relationships, a doctorate in anthrpopology and work as archaeology curator in cavernous museums, all the while filling my spare time with Public Radio production and administration.

If I could ever slow down, I'd be tired.

At least I have sufficient grist for the writing mill to last me the rest of my life, if I live that long.

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Work in Progress - how to promote an unpopular story?

I'm completing final proofing and editing on a novel that has no "niche."

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