WritelyDone is a web site devoted to the written word. The goal is to eliminate the middleman by providing an assisted publishing platform, and allowing authors to connect directly with their audience. To this end, WritelyDone provides storefront, collaboration, and community services. The best part is that most of the features on WritelyDone are FREE to use.


All published material can be distributed for free, or sold for almost any price, set by the author. Material of any length can be distributed from epic novels to flash fiction. Users can browse product using filters or by clicking on categories. Your earnings are available at any time with the click of a button! WritelyDone also provides revenue sharing options that are taken care of automatically for collaborators that are members of WritelyDone.


WritelyDone is an assisted publishing platform. You can post manuscripts and flag your work to find freelance professionals who can perform vital aspects of the publishing process. Authors, editors, illustrators, translators, and anyone with skills pertaining to the creation of publication quality material can post their profile information  and examples of their work which can be browsed through to find a good match for your project. Once you find a match, WritelyDone provides tools to create, track, and sign contracts.


A strong and vibrant community is key to crowd sourcing critical reviews. WritelyDone offers many community driven features. Members have the ability to comment on both the products and the people creating those works. Readers can bookmark any item, comment, author, or post to return to that item later. WritelyDone also hosts a member forum for discussing any topics relevant to the community.

Authors and service providers have personal user pages that display their biography, products, portfolio, user comments and other posts made by them, or concerning them. WritelyDone can be used as a blogging platform or simply include an existing blog as an RSS feed.