Getting started on WritelyDone

You have created an account, now what? Here are some suggestions to get you started.

If you are a writer…

Update your profile. Your profile on WritelyDone is a marketing tool. It is the face you show your customers and business associates. Your profile “bio,” and photo show up in author searches so your bio should mention what type of writing you do and what authors have influenced your work.

Upload some content and start selling it. As long as you haven’t signed away your distribution rights, you can post any content you want for sale on the WritelyDone storefront. You can distribute content of any length and you don’t need to have files in every format. No ISBN needed.

Upload some draft content of projects you are working on. List this content to start getting some exposure among other authors and service providers about your work in progress. It’s never too early to start generating buzz.

Write a blog entry discussing what you are working on.

Visit the forums and introduce yourself, ask questions, seek or post advice.

If you are a service provider…

Edit your “services” tab. This is perhaps the most important thing to do for a publishing professional. Your services tab informs users what services you provide, and your current availability. You can also attach a resume or CV so clients can see your credentials.

Update your profile. It is just as important for service providers to promote themselves using their profile. Your profile page is your “storefront” where you sell you sevices. You can use your bio to include details about yourself, your services, and your rates.

Create a portfolio. A portfolio is a collection of images or files that you use to provide examples of your work. Illustrators can display artwork they have done in the past. Editors can give example documents with their comments and mark-up.

If you are a reader…

Add content to your bookshelf. Free items can be added to your shelf with a single click (no check-out necessary).

Rate and review content. On WritelyDone, you must have the content on your bookshelf in order to give it a rating. Reviews are very important, try to leave a review for everything you read.

Leave a comment on an author’s profile. What do you like about their work?¬†Add them to your favorites. This helps both the author and you. The author will show up in “most favorited” lists, and the system will use the information to help recommend material for you to read.

Browse the forums. Introduce yourself. Form a book club. Discuss what you are reading. Talk about your favorite authors and what they are working on. The site is for people who love reading, so the books and authors discussed don’t need to be part of WritelyDone.